Foods That Harm Teeth

There are many kinds of food that can harm teeth when consumed in excess or when teeth are not cleaned properly after consumption. Here are a few culprits.  

  • Dried Fruits – Dried fruits are said to be beneficial for a person’s health, especially as an alternative to snacking on junk food and sodas. However, they are high on sugar content and have a tendency to get stuck on the teeth. If proper brushing is not done, they can feed harmful bacteria in the mouth. 
  • Wine – Both red and white wines contain acids that can harm the enamel. Red wines also have compounds called tannins that have a tendency to stain the teeth. 
  • Pickles – An essential part of the process of pickling is the preservative, which happens to be vinegar in most cases. This can cause tooth wear and also cause staining.  
  • Hard Candies – These can take awhile to dissolve in the mouth, and stick to the teeth.  
  • Citrus Fruits – While being part of a balanced diet, they also contain lots of acids that can cause tooth decay and cavities in the long run. 

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