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Bottle Feeding and Cavities

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is tooth decay in infants or children. It usually happens in the upper front teeth, but there are chances it spreads to other teeth as well. A child needs strong teeth to eat, speak and smile beautifully. It’s necessary for parents to know what methods to avoid to prevent their child’s tooth from decaying

Kids are given pacifiers and are bottle-fed to put them to sleep when they act fussy. While they are acceptable on their own, it is important to rinse a child’s mouth after these behaviors and to avoid them at bedtime. Sometimes, a sweet syrup is smeared so that the child does not resist. Giving the child a sugary drink before bedtime is dangerous as the saliva secretion reduces during sleep. 

A baby’s gums should be wiped with a washcloth or gauze, each time after the baby is fed. The mother/caretaker must ensure that only the formula or breast milk is put in the bottles. Filling it with juice or any other sugary drink will cause the baby teeth to be exposed for a prolonged duration, increasing chances of cavities. Regular checkups with the dentist are also recommended.

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