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Does Your Child Have Cavities?

Children are more prone to getting cavities than adults. It’s because the enamel on their teeth hasn’t hardened, which makes it easy for the bacteria to chew their way into the molars. In contrary to popular belief, tooth decay may begin in the baby teeth itself. Early symptoms of cavities can be noticed in children if the child’s teeth hurt while brushing or chewing. Other signs include pain in the gum line, sensitivity to extreme temperatures, bad breath, or visible holes. Cavities in children can have a severe impact on the child’s nutrition and growth of adult teeth.

The occurrence of cavities can be reduced if measures are taken from an early stage. Brushing and flossing for 2 minutes, twice a day is the most basic prevention method. Another tip is to teach children how to rinse their mouth with water after every meal to avoid food particles being stuck on their teeth. Children have a sweet tooth, but sweet foods cause bacteria to eat up the starch and consequently result in the enamel wearing off. Reduced intake of food items like cookies and chocolates is also a means to prevent tooth decay. Finally, regular checkups with the dentist will help identify all early signs of cavities.

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