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Have You Been Ignoring Your Oral Health?

The mouth is the doorway to the rest of one’s body. An insight can be provided about the overall health of one’s body with a look into their oral health. A healthy mouth prevents medical complications from happening. Whereas, an unhygienic mouth increases risks of serious illnesses like heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Some diseases like diabetes can be detected through oral symptoms.

Saliva makes for a defence mechanism against the disease-causing bacteria and viruses. It stops those organisms from proliferating and causing illnesses. But, saliva doesn’t always do the job. The mouth, at any given time, consists of at least 500 bacteria that form a thin, sticky layer. One needs to regularly brush and floss to prevent plaque from building up along the gum line. If the plaque isn’t taken care of, it can lead to multiple gum infections like gingivitis, periodontitis, and trench mouth. For patients with diabetes, controlling oral health can get difficult by the day. Many oral health problems can be avoided if one brushes and flosses regularly, avoids the use of tobacco, and makes regular check-ups a priority.

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