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Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth, as a result of extractions, can be difficult.  Missing teeth can alter a person’s speaking ability, ease of eating and their self-confidence. This can be solved by utilizing dental implants, which not only restore oral health but also have an effect on a person’s general well-being. A few advantages of dental implants are listed below: 

  1. The most important function of teeth is to chew and break up the food for easier digestion in the stomach. Losing even one tooth can severely hamper a person’s ability to do so. Here, dental implants or dental bridges can play an important role.

  2. Many people take for granted how important teeth are to a person’s speaking ability. Many sounds are enunciated by the tongue hitting the teeth and the loss of even a single tooth can lead to difficulty in speaking or cause lisps.

  3. Missing teeth can also cause the basic structure of the mouth to become misshapen. Dental implants can remedy this by correcting the shape of your jaws and cheeks and prevent your mouth from losing its shape and its function.

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