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Protect Your Jaws From Sport Injuries

Many sports injuries and traumas can be prevented by the use of properly fitted mouth guards which protects more than just the teeth. It prevents one’s face from facing a heavy blow as the jaws crash against each other. Injuries resulted from sports activities usually affect both, the face and the teeth. Loss of front teeth, a shock to the base of the skull and chin can be prevented by the use of mouthguards.

The absence of mouthguards may also cause neck injuries during a severe blow. Mouthguards absorb shock energy and stop the teeth from vibrating on being hit. The impact of a direct blow is distributed by the cushioning of the frontal teeth. It helps avoid or minimize fractures or any kind of dislocation. The presence of a mouthguard is not only physically beneficial. It provides a psychological benefit to the player and reassurance about being protected.

There are several types of mouthguards available. Stock mouthguards are store-bought and are less common, as they are not very effective. Custom made mouthguards are designed to fit one’s mouth perfectly, and offer better protection.

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