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Tips to Help With Tooth Sensitivity

One of the most common complaints regarding dental health is the sensitivity of the teeth. While this has a number of reasons, they can be countered with the following oral care practices. Here are a few tips to help you out with tooth sensitivity: 

  1. The most common way to fight sensitivity of the teeth is to use sensitivity toothpaste.

  2. Using a softer toothbrush can also aid in combating sensitivity. Hard brushes can graze and chip your teeth and your gums, making it difficult to handle foods with extreme temperatures.

  3. Whitening toothpaste should be avoided at all costs. These contain abrasive materials that can affect the outer coating of the teeth and increase sensitivity. If you do plan on using it, make sure to do so after consulting with a dental provider.

  4. Acidic foods and beverages are the worst offenders when it comes to tooth sensitivity. Foods like energy drinks and sodas contain chemicals that can corrode the teeth and contribute towards sensitivity. Try to avoid consuming such items, or at least brush properly after doing so.

  5. Consume foods at room temperature; not too hot or cold.

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