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We can save an injured tooth with a root canal

Endodontic is a special type of dentistry that focuses on your tooth roots and nerves. At Dr. Vidya’s dental office we’re proud to offer endodontic therapy to our patients. If you suspect you may need a root canal, please continue reading to learn more about Endodontic; 

The centre of every tooth contains a pulp, which is comprised of nerves, arterioles and tissues. If this pulp becomes diseased or damaged, endodontic treatments and therapies can be used to save the tooth. 

Not every tooth can be saved, and in those cases, our dentists will recommend a bridge or dental implant. But we always do our best to save a natural tooth if at all possible, because it’s the healthiest option for you. 

The most common procedure in Endodontic is a root canal, where the damaged pulp is removed and the space is sealed off. 

But endodontic treatment is also required if someone has a cracked tooth or experiences any other dental trauma that affects the inner workings of a tooth. 

If you’re interested speaking with a dentist about possibly having a root canal in Toronto, please contact Dr. Vidya Varathan & Associates today to discuss it.

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