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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pain from erupting wisdom teeth may be more than you expected

Many young adults are all facing the same problem: constant pain from erupting wisdom teeth, and wishing they had dealt with them earlier. They find this frustrating, because it can be hard to concentrate on schoolwork and study for exams while dealing with headaches and pain from these stubborn teeth. 

At Dr.Vidya Varathan & Associates we recommend dealing with wisdom teeth before they become a problem. Most wisdom teeth can be easily removed under local anesthetic in the dental chair – and it’s a similar experience to getting a filling.

Wisdom teeth extractions are best performed on young adults – under 24 years old – because their bones have not yet become rigid. This makes it easy to remove the wisdom teeth from their jaws, and means it isn’t usually necessary for them to undergo the procedure in a general anesthetic facility. 

Make the smart decision by putting an end to wisdom teeth pain – or preventing it before it even starts. Contact Dr. Vidya today to learn more about wisdom teeth removal.

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