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Invisalign - Free Assessment

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Looking for Invisalign Treatment in Scarborough / Toronto?

Invisalign is a popular and important part of our orthodontic treatment. 


Orthodontics is focusing on correcting teeth alignment to optimize and improve function and appearance. Even though it is common to see kids engage with orthodontics, more and moreadults undergo orthodontic treatment to align their teeth. Despite their age, the treatment process will be similar between an adult and a kid.

Conventional Braces vs. Invisalign

The two types of orthodontic treatments available in the market right now are conventional braces and clear aligners.  Our patients often ask us what the benefits and differences between the two are.  Check out our blog to learn more.

Dr. Vidya Varathan Speaks About Invisalign
Check out the video below

Check out this amazing scanner we use for our Invisalign treatment

Our Dentists can examine your teeth for free to see if Invisalign will be a good fit for you.  Call us to book an appointment.

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