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General Restoration

Keeping teeth and gums healthy

Your teeth are complex structures made from enamel, detin and pulp. Bacterial plaque can break the enamel of your teeth, making tiny holes – called cavities – that need to be repaired. 

It’s important to catch tooth decay in the early stages, so your tooth can be saved. Minimal decay can often be repaired. But delaying treatment may cause extensive decay to your teeth – requiring an extraction. 

Dr. Vidya Varathan & Associates is your source for general restoration in Scarborough. We’ll recommend treatment based on how severely your teeth have been damaged by the decay. We believe in working closely with patients on their oral care, so, at Dr. Vidya’s clinic, we will always discuss your options with you before proceeding with treatment. 

Here are a few of the general restoration services we offer at Dr.Vidya Varathan & Associates Dental Clinic:

  • Fillings: If plaque has dissolved the enamel of your tooth — making a tiny cavity — the solution is often as easy as a filling. We can remove the decayed portion of your tooth, and fill the space with metal, acrylic or porcelain. 

  • Crowns: If your tooth already contains several fillings — or has a large amount of decay — we may suggest a crown. This encircles (or “caps”) your tooth, protecting it and keeping it strong. Crowns can be made of gold, porcelain fused to metal, or pure white porcelain (to resemble a natural tooth). 

  • Root Canals: You could require a root canal if tooth decay progresses and damages the nerve of your tooth. Dr. Vidya can remove the damaged nerve and fill the space with new material — allowing you to keep your natural tooth. Since the tooth no longer has a nerve to provide its blood supply, we may place a crown over your tooth to prevent it from chipping or cracking easily. 

  • Bridges: If your tooth is badly decayed, we could recommend removing the infected tooth and giving you a bridge. We’ll reduce the size of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, so the bridge can use these teeth as supports for an artificial tooth in the middle. 

Call or email Dr.Vidya Varathan & Associates today to learn more about our general restoration services.

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