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5 quirky ways of caring for your teeth

Caring for your teeth helps in more ways than just keeping them white. Maintaining good oral health is an efficient way of keeping your body healthy too. Teeth is important to us and in spite of that we all have certain bad dental habits that compromise our overall health.

If you’re suffering from dental health problems, it is best suggested that you consult a dentist at the earliest. Dr Vidya Varathan Dental Care has experienced in-house orthodontists, dentists, and fully-equipped infrastructure to take care of your oral health problems.

Apart from visiting a dentist, you can also take care of your teeth by using a few quirky methods that you might have never known before.

1. Use peroxide, tea, and oils

Natural products are easy-to-use and are free from side effects. Common natural substances like green tea and baking soda can keep your teeth clean. It has been proven that green tea can prevent erosion of teeth and tooth decay. Drinking green tea also helps you have healthy, pink gums.

Natural oils including menthol and tea-tree oil are also effective ingredients for keeping your mouth clean from bacteria.

You can also use apple cider vinegar as a mouth-freshener in the mornings to remove stains and whiten your teeth. Additionally, Peroxide can be used to fight off certain bacteria, but it should be used with water to weaken it.

2. Utilize natural herbs with strong antibacterial properties

Traditionally, using neem tree twigs as toothbrushes have proven to be beneficial in caring for your teeth as it contains antibacterial properties. Scientists have also opined that neem protects you from plaque and gum diseases and prevents dental cavities.

Myrrh, an aromatic resin cures bleeding gums by tightening and healing them from the root. Sage aka Sefakuss is a natural astringent, which helps calm a sore mouth and tightens gums.

3. Consume detergent foods

Detergent foods, as the name implies, help clean your teeth naturally and keep them free from food debris. They can be especially handy when you forget carrying a toothbrush while traveling or backpacking.

After you’ve had your meal, eat foods like popcorn, celery, carrots, or apples. These foods are clubbed under detergent foods as they are crisp and firm. The idea is to eat them after you’ve finished a meal or snack. However, eating detergent food doesn’t mean that you don’t have to brush your teeth anymore.

4. Go on a white teeth diet

Follow the advice “If it’ll stain your shirt, it’ll stain your teeth too”.

Avoid drinks like red wine and coffee and fruits like pomegranates and blackberries. These foods are mostly noted to stain teeth.

Instead, you can consume citrus fruits that help rinse your teeth naturally as you eat, by producing saliva. Though it is not possible to completely stick to this diet, you should always moderate your food consumption and an occasional glass of red wine isn’t a problem.

5. Hydrate your mouth

Drink about a glass of water every hour. This does not only hydrates your body, but also keeps your teeth clean. It also helps you keep your teeth white by flushing out bacteria from your mouth, which lowers the chance of gum diseases, bad breath, and cavities. If drinking water seems boring, then you can consume fresh fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated. However, make sure that the juices are devoid of artificial flavorings and are not rich in sugar.

Apart from following the eccentric ways mentioned above, don’t forget to stick to the conventional routine of brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily and getting regular dental checkups.  Your dentist is your best friend in caring for your teeth.

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