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Best Practices For Oral Health Care For Children

sIf you’re a parent—then you know that getting your child to brush their teeth in the morning is a headache. Imagine having to get them to brush their teeth twice a day? Well, sooner or later parents should develop best practices for oral health for their children into a habit—but how can you possibly manage that?

Besides this, there is a plethora of damage that kids do to their teeth on their own. Kids indulge in candy and sweets among other sugary foods that erode their teeth faster than you can imagine. It is important for parents to get involved in children’s oral health during the infantile stage—this makes the process seem less invasive as they become toddlers.

So here are a few things you can try and implement to ensure better oral health for your children in the long term.

Make a habit out of routine dental check ups

Children should be taken to the dentist’s clinic periodically. A good milestone is to make sure your child has seen a dentist before his/her first birthday. This is to keep a check on their growing teeth—and also because ample research shows early dentist visits save a lot in oral care later on.

Avoid the dreaded baby-bottle decay

In order to calm babies, most parents usually give their children a bottle. You might think that it is something that calms the baby. You also need to know that if the bottle has baby formula, milk, juice, or anything sugary, you’re inviting cavities. The sugar always blocks his/her gums. If your baby is finding it difficult to sleep without a formula, simply give a baby bottle with water for comfort.

Implement Good Habits

Make sure you get soft toothbrushes for babies that clean their gums. You can also use a soft washcloth, if you want to avoid a brush. As they develop teeth, make them familiar with a toothbrush. Use only water, and clean their gums after every feeding. A good time to start flossing is when teeth start to touch one another.

Make sure you take your toddler to a dentist before starting to floss. Children should also get in the habit of brushing their teeth before bed without consuming snacks and drinks afterwards. This encourages a good diet habit as well.

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