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Cannabis Affects on Oral Health

The use of cannabis draws a parallel with deteriorating oral hygiene. Not only does increased smoking of cannabis affects the teeth aesthetically by staining the teeth, but it also affects the overall oral health.

Smoking cannabis may result in exacerbated risks of oral cancer. The cannabis smoke reduces the secretion of saliva in the mouth, of which the consequences are two-fold. The saliva is an important catalyst for digestion in the body and the mouth’s sanitary agent. It washes away the leftover bacteria and food post-meals. Reduced saliva will result in failure of these functions.

Additionally, using cannabis makes one want to eat more and constantly munch on something. Consumption of anything other than water leads to the bacteria using up the sugars in the mouth, giving rise to escalated levels of acid in the mouth, eventually leading to tooth decay if not washed away or cleaned in a timely manner.

Cannabis consumption can also increase the chance of an increased heart rate and anxiety levels. Patients are advised not smoke it before a dental appointment to prevent any such consequences.

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