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Habits That Are Harmful to Your Teeth (and What to Do About Them)

Dental healthcare is an important part of a person’s overall physical wellness. This is why it is better to root out any bad habits that you may have that has a negative effect on your teeth. Here is a list of a few prevalent bad habits:

  1. Many people still have a tendency to bite their nails, either because of stress or habit. This has a negative effect on teeth and fillings.

  2. Try applying bitter-tasting clear nail polish on your nails.

  3. Using excessive force while brushing your teeth can lead to abrasions in the teeth.

  4. Try using a soft-bristled brush and improve your brushing techniques.

  5. Constant munching of processed foods are not good for oral health (or overall health).

  6. Try snacking on healthier options like nuts and cheeses.

  7. Some people have a habit of using their teeth to open items, like beer bottles. This can lead to chipping of the tooth and extreme pain.

  8. Keep the proper tools handy and easily accessible so that you reach for them.

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