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Plaque Build-up And Prevention

Everyone gets plaque from time to time. You can probably spot it as the weird sticky thing that covers your teeth, it comes and goes if you have good oral health habits.

However, if it sticks around for too long, your teeth and gums will have to pay the price of your negligence. So what causes it? And how can you get it away?


It is caused when bacteria in your mouth (good and bad) combine with sugar and saliva to form a biofilm and sit atop your teeth. This then produces acids that attack your teeth and gums, causing various oral health issues – most prominently gum bleeding.


  1. Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer. Brushing lightly after every meal or at the very least brushing before bedtime is absolutely crucial. Along the same lines- flossing is indispensable. It removes the bacteria and plaque from between your teeth where it can more easily access your gums.

  2. An antibacterial mouthwash is also a good way to keep plaque bacteria limited. However, tread carefully because you don’t want to damage the good bacteria.

  3. Avoid sugar and starchy foods whenever you can- and if and when you consume them, clean your teeth shortly after.

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