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Teeth Grinding And How To Control It

Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, is the clenching and grating of the teeth involuntarily. It can happen in the day, or even during one’s sleep. It may occur in children as a result of growing teeth. Teeth grinding damages one’s teeth. It may cause cracked tooth enamel, a strain on the jaw, increased sensitivity in teeth, and sore jaw muscles. There are several causes of teeth grinding. People tend to grind their teeth due to increased stress levels. One’s lifestyle habits, such as regular intake of alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs may also increase the risks of bruxism.

Bruxism can be identified when some of the following symptoms are observed – inflamed gums, light headache on waking up, earache, sleep disruption, etc. Teeth grinding is a treatable disease. Some tangible methods could be the use of a night guard, avoiding consumption of hard foods like candies and nuts. Some ways to reduce stress include stress managing therapy through yoga, reading, counseling sessions, listening to music and other relaxation techniques. If you are experiencing jaw pain as a result of grinding your teeth, please do consult us.

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