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The 5 Foods That Cause Discoloured Teeth

A smile’s beauty is enhanced when it’s accompanied by a set of white teeth. Unfortunately, just brushing your teeth twice every day isn’t enough to keep them white. And on top of that, there are many foods that cause discoloured teeth. Here, we will take a look at some of the most common food items that stain your teeth:

1. Black Coffee

For many, their days start with a cup of freshly brewed black coffee. The darker your coffee is, the worse it is for your teeth. Coffee contains tannins and this is what leads to discoloration and staining. Coffee is also acidic in nature and acidic food, in general, is bad for your oral health.

2. Berries

Berries come with a plethora of health benefits but they might stain your teeth if you’re eating them on a regular basis. So, if you’re someone who loves berries, ensure you brush your teeth a short while after eating them.

3. Red Wine

A glass of red wine once in a while won’t do much harm to your teeth. However, if you’re a regular drinker you’ll have to take extra care of your teeth and gums. Red wine has a high content of polyphenols that cause teeth staining. Red wine also has high alcohol content. Alcohol is acidic in nature, and the acidic food is usually bad for your oral health as it causes your teeth and gum to wear away.

4. Cranberry Juice

Prefer a glass of cranberry juice over alcohol in parties? Well…that won’t do much good to your teeth either. All kinds of dark-coloured fruit juices can make your teeth stain. Also, these processed juices have a high sugar content that erodes tooth enamel. In order to maintain good oral health, consider drinking light-coloured fruit juices with minimal sugar content. If you absolutely love cranberry juice, drink it with a straw and don’t forget to rinse your mouth properly after you finish it.

5. Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce or ketchup is highly acidic. It attaches to your teeth and causes stains that look bad. If you love pizza, then one way of saving your teeth is by eating spinach salad just before having your share of pizza. Spinach forms a protective layer on your teeth and prevents staining.

Some of the other foods that stain your teeth are tea, balsamic vinegar, cola drinks, popsicles, and soda. Try and brush your teeth every time you consume these to prevent staining.

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