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Tips For Toddlers Who Dont Like Brushing

Many kids may resist brushing, especially at first. However, despite their resistance, it is important to ensure positive oral health habits. Cavities and poor oral health can prove to be a huge cost in the future. Your toddler’s teeth are more susceptible to damage—since they’re more likely to have more milk teeth than adult teeth. So here are a few tips to help you maintain your toddler’s oral health, especially for toddlers who don’t like brushing.

Let them pick the toothbrush and time

If your toddler chooses his/her own brush—you’re going to have a child that enjoys brushing their teeth and even does it two times a day! Some toothbrushes spin while others even sing songs. They also come in the shape of various cartoon characters.

As for time—if you’re out or at a family event make sure your child doesn’t overlook brushing. This way they’ll come to learn it’s essential and a lot more fun.

Make it engaging and fun

As adults, we can just start brushing and carry on our daily tasks—but as far as toddlers are concerned, they need something more. Play dentist with your toddler and pretend to have their teeth checked every night as you brush their teeth. Doing so reduces their fear of going to the dentist’s clinic for regular check-ups.

You can even sing some brushing songs, like this one here.

Or have them brush your teeth and you can brush theirs! If you need your toddler to be focused on something more tangible—then get a small sand timer and tell your toddler to follow it as he/she brushes.

Don’t stress your toddler

Sometimes the sensation of brushing is uncomfortable. Let them hold a brush while you brush their teeth with another—this will give them some sense of control. And finally! Be smiling and relaxed—your toddler will imitate you in no time!

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