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Tips To Help Encourage Positive Brushing For Kids

One of the basic hygiene habits you need to teach your kids is brushing their teeth every day. It is a vital activity that ensures your child will have healthy teeth for life. It can take a while till they understand its importance, and make it an unskippable part of their morning. There are several ways in which you can encourage positive brushing for kids in order to ensure they do it on a daily basis. Here are some tips that can work for you.

Lead By Example

Children tend to imitate their parents and siblings when it comes to habits. Thus, brushing along with them every day can enforce this habit.

Brush More Than Once

You can have them brush after a heavy meal and show them the difference that it makes. This can also make them want to brush their teeth themselves after a particular time.

Use The Mirror

Get your child to stand in front of the mirror and brush. You can watch and even guide them on how they should be brushing. It will also end up being a fun activity and it also helps to encourage brushing.


Make sure your child also understands that brushing is an activity that cannot be skipped. If you prioritize it in this way, you can watch it have a positive effect on them.

Make It A Family Activity

You can have the entire family brush together after dinner and make it a family activity. This is bound to make them inclined towards brushing more.

Keep It Positive

The entire ordeal should have a positive impact. You should not threaten your child to brush. Instead, make them understand that it is something that is good for them and they are the ones who are going to keep their teeth healthy.

Use An Hourglass

Your kid needs to know how long he/she might take to brush. Using an analog clock may confuse a seven-year-old. Instead, you can keep an hourglass and tell them they have to brush within that time frame.

You can make brushing a daily habit by creating a positive environment around the activity. Hence, you need to ensure your child is brushing with the right strokes and their mouth is clean to maintain good oral health.

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