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Tooth Friendly Picnic Snacks You Can Enjoy

Replace the crunch

Potato chips are hard to give up, we know! But they’re also hard to get out of your teeth fissures once they get in. Potato chips also make microscopic tears and hurt your gums while you’re busy crunching on them. A picnic is nothing without a crunchy snack- so get your hands on some baby carrots and cucumbers instead! Even broccoli works! All of the crunch and none of the salt, oil, and fats that pile up in your mouth and stomach.

These vegetables act as natural cleaners- they scrub your teeth as you chew them, and use the saliva generated to wash them. There are many tooth friendly picnic snacks you can enjoy with your family.

Say Cheese

This is perhaps one such snack you won’t have to give up. Cheese cubes are a great picnic idea. Not only does cheese help maintain the PH balance of your mouth but it also helps the bacteria in your mouth by helping it fight off cavities. Cheese is a good source of calcium– so any damage already done can quickly be fixed.

Yummy and healthy- cheese truly is a blessing! Now we can say cheese to that!

Crushed Ice

Ice cubes are terrible for your teeth! Having a block of ice in your mouth can erode the enamel from your teeth and and make your teeth brittle. This leaves them vulnerable to chips and breaks. Keep your utensils and food cold using ice tubs- and if you have to put ice in drinks, then at least make sure it’s crushed.

Fun Salad

Not everyone wants to hear the word salad on a picnic, but an egg and chicken salad might just make your kids change their mind. Boiled and shredded chicken mixed in with teeth friendly ingredients such as yoghurt, and spices to make it tastier can put a twist on a regular salad! You can add in crunchy vegetables like celery to make sure your family gets its dose of vegetables too.

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