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Tooth-friendly School Lunch Snack Ideas

Keeping an eye on what kids eat is an extreme challenge in itself. Most parents struggle to keep their children fed healthy food. 

A small step is all that’s needed. Learn to positively develop your child’s oral habits starting with their lunch snack. Here are a few tooth-friendly options they can go for.


This is an easy one! Your child probably already loves cheese. The calcium and phosphorous it has keeps the tooth enamel strong and resistant. Simply cut cheese into cubes or bite-sized pieces. Cheese also encourages saliva production, which is a natural oral defense. 

Veggie dippers / Hummus

Preparation of healthy school lunch snacks shouldn’t work you up more than they already do. Kids not only love dips, but pairing a dip with something crunchy like carrots or celery will give your child a healthy snack to enjoy! Besides, such vegetables also cleanse the teeth with every bite. Not to mention, this is one of the healthiest snacks a kid can have. 

Nuts and Seeds

If your child is extremely energetic and playful, she/he is going to need all the protein they can get from healthy, crunchy, and satisfying nuts and seeds. A homemade trail mix is a great idea. If the texture is hard, consider buying cut pieces of dry fruits such as almonds. 

Always ensure that food is cut into bite-size pieces your child is able to chew and swallow, and has adult supervision while eating.

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