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Suffering From Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity affects a lot of people around the globe. If you avoid hot or cold drinks or food because they hurt your teeth, then you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity as well. Sometimes, other factors like sour or sweet foods, or even a cold breeze can cause these twinges.

How To Take Care of Sensitive Teeth?

Your enamel is the hardest part of your body. But this can get damaged or worn out too. However, you can take simple steps to take care of your teeth to reduce sensitivity.

Don’t Brush Your Teeth Too Hard

If you’re brushing your teeth too hard, then your gums might start to wear out. Side-to-side brushing on the gums can damage gums as well. Instead, make sure you use a brush with softer bristles and apply soft strokes at an angle to clean your teeth.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Consuming soda, high-sugar carbs, and sticky candy can harm your teeth. Instead, include fiber-rich foods, fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, and unflavored yogurt in your diet. Not only do they moisten your mouth but can also fight the bacteria that damage your teeth. If you still end up eating acidic food, don’t rush to brush. Wait for an hour or two for your teeth to strengthen and then brush.

Avoid Bleaching

Bleaching your teeth frequently can also cause sensitivity. But this doesn’t last too long so you can just take a break from bleaching and your tooth sensitivity might reduce. Be sure to talk to your dentist about bleaching your teeth as well. It is best to take advice on whether you should continue bleaching your teeth.

Clenching Your Teeth

Sometimes, when you’re stressed out, you might grind your teeth. This can cause sensitivity too. Most times, working on your stress factors can help you reduce teeth grinding. In severe cases, you might need a muscle relaxant or dental work to reduce your teeth clenching.

Treating Sensitivity

If you’ve gone to the dentist to consult about tooth sensitivity, then your dentist might suggest one of the following things to help reduce your sensitivity.

  1. Fluoride Gel

  2.  Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

  3.  Fillings to cover the exposed roots of your teeth or sealants to cover your teeth

  4.  Desensitizing pastes that reduce sensitivity

In serious cases, your dentist might also suggest a root canal.

Taking care of sensitive teeth is not very difficult. And ignoring it can cause severe problems. With the right steps and timely visits to the dentist, you can keep tooth sensitivity at bay. Make sure you follow a healthy routine to take care of your teeth.

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